Do you wish to try something new and delicious?  

Do you or a family member have a dairy intolerance?

Are you vegan or vegan curious?

Are you entertaining friends with these concerns?

Do you want a new, delicious product to add to your cheese platter?

Do you wish to make kinder choices in your consumption patterns?




All Lauds Products are proudly made in Tasmania.  Dairy Free. 100% Plant Based. Lactose Free.

Through the production of delicious dairy and meat free alternatives we aim to make a lasting difference to the world by helping people to live more healthy,  compassionate and sustainable lives, while reducing the impact upon the animals and the earth from existing consumption patterns

  • Fermentation, culturing and aging make up the core flavour development process in our cheese making.  As such, the rich, sharp, creamy characteristics of the cheeses are reminiscent of traditional dairy-based cheese.

  • We recognise, acknowledge and strive to produce solutions to the problems many face due to dairy intolerances and allergies.  These are becoming more prominent as the world continues to increase its consumption of dairy-based products, and we want to help.

  • Wherever possible we buy local and organic produce, and do not use flavour enhancers, artificial colours or preservatives.

  • All of our current products contain either cashews or almonds. To those with nut allergies, we apologise.                                                 

  • Most of our products contain varying degrees of our very own Oat Milk Yoghurt as the culturing agent.  Those with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance may not be able to eat our products.

In the interests of transparency, we must acknowledge that our products are NOT EXACTLY the same as their dairy-based counterparts… they have characteristic differences in texture, flavour and application. Just visit the link for each product to see what to expect, how they differ and how best to use them. We will even throw in some helpful recipe ideas straight from our home kitchen, so be sure to check those out as we build our website.

We like to think of our products as being ‘just a little bit different’ – try them and see!

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...just a little bit different.

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