What are Lauds products made from?

Most Lauds products contain varying degrees of: Nuts/Oat Milk Yoghurt/Oils.  

For a full list of ingredients, please visit the PRODUCTS page.


How do I cook with/use Lauds products?

In much the same way as you do with their dairy-based counterparts!

For a detailed list of how best to use each product (and some recipe ideas) please visit our PRODUCTS page.


Will there be other products in the future? YES!

We are constantly experimenting with new flavours, textures and products. 

We are in the process of releasing our new and exciting Tasty Oat Melt, which is the big brother of our original melting cheese.  Crafted as a 'tasty' melting cheese, it contains an ample amount of matured cashew cheese, thus exhibiting a stronger, cheesier flavour than our Original Oat Melt. It is a versatile cheese which melts, bubbles and browns much like regular cheese. It has no artificial flavour profile and has a higher melting point than traditional cheese. Use to top pizzas, lasagna or nachos, make toasted sandwiches, or add it to savoury pastries for a melting cheese indulgence. 

We strive to continually develop products that meet your needs, so if you have any feedback or product suggestions please contact us with this information via the CONTACT US tab.


Do Lauds products use organic/sustainable/locally sourced ingredients?

At Lauds, we use organic, locally sourced and sustainable produce where possible. This means that right now, we use Tasmanian products such as Kindred Organic Oats for our oat milk yoghurt, Tasmanian Walnuts and Tasman Sea Salt to season our products. We also use organic, ethically sourced coconut oil, and non-gmo soy lecithin in our butter.

From a business perspective, it is costly and difficult to acquire ALL components of our products in organic or local produce form. This (of course) is somewhat to do with dollars but also the fact that many large scale suppliers in Australia (such as cashew farmers) will not do business with the little guys - and that’s us. But rest assured that as we grow, so too will our capacity and drive to source more locally produced, sustainable and organic ingredients.

Are Lauds products Gluten-Free?

The Australian Food Standards Code prohibits the use of a ‘gluten-free’ claim on any oat-containing products unless they have been certified gluten free. Most of Lauds products are currently inoculated with an oat milk yogurt (the culturing agent), so for these products we cannot, and do not, claim to be gluten-free.  However, we recently changed our Aged Cashew Cheese and Ashed Walnut Cheese recipe (now cultured with Water Kefir) so these products are now gluten free!

As far as we can tell, it is controversial whether or not oats themselves actually contain gluten.  Our research says that the protein in oats called ‘avenins’ can induce a reaction similar to that of gluten intolerance/coeliac disease, but that gluten itself is not present in oats.  Yet due to the nature of mass processing of grain, oats can become contaminated by other grains such as wheat (including spelt), rye and barley.  While many who suffer from coeliac disease can tolerate uncontaminated oats quite well, this is entirely an individual thing and something you, as the consumer, must research for yourself and decide upon. We have been informed that Kindred Organic Oats (our local Tasmanian oat suppliers) do not process their oats on the same machinery as any gluten-containing grains, but that they are yet to gain certification as gluten free.

Are Lauds products vegan? Yes!

All of our products are animal-free, dairy-free, meat-free and 100% plant-based. No guilty conscience required!

What are the black flecks in my Aged Cashew Cheese?

We purchase our cashew nuts as raw pieces, not whole nuts. Cashew nut processing is a big operation.  Cashews are picked from the tree, separated from the fruit and then steamed to make shelling easier. They are then cracked from the shell, and then the outer skin is peeled.  They are then graded - the nuts that make it out whole are sold as whole cashews, and the ones that break apart are sold as pieces.  These pieces (that we buy) may still have a little of the outer skin attached, as it is difficult to get every last bit of skin off these pieces.  We purchase these pieces, which are cosmetically imperfect, for a couple of reasons, namely: 1) they are otherwise a waste product, and 2) they are a little cheaper and thus make our products that little bit more affordable than they would be if we purchased the 'perfect' ones.  There is nothing wrong with eating a little of the skin! At Lauds, we don't believe that everything should be cosmetically perfect - we see the beauty and usefulness of foods that are a little imperfect and want to spread this message to avoid waste!


Are there health benefits to eating Lauds products?

PROBIOTIC AND PREBIOTIC: Our products are wonderful sources of probiotic bacteria, helping your gut flora to flourish, and therefore helping you to experience overall well being. We ferment some products with probiotic Water Kefir, but one of our most important ingredients is our Oat Milk Yoghurt, which is the culturing agent for most of our current products. You may not know this, but oats themselves are a great prebiotic, meaning that they are a type of non-digestible fibre compound (aka an oligosaccharide) which helps to feed probiotics! Simply put, prebiotics such as oats become fuel for the good bacteria that live in your gut. How good is that?


PLANT-BASED FATS: We don’t want to get too in depth in this. The plethora of information on the different types of fats (ie. trans fats, saturated fats and the ‘good’ fats) means that you can do some research on this easily in your own time. We do however want to draw attention to the fact that we all need some fats in our diets - they are a necessary source of energy, can help us absorb some vitamins and minerals and play a vital part in building cell membranes.  


Our products contain some of both unsaturated (‘good’ fats) and saturated (‘not as good’) fats.  The high nut content of our products means they contain monounsaturated fats, which were discovered in the 1960’s as being healthful, rather than harmful.

They can help reduce cholesterol levels and provide nutrients for cell formation and maintenance. They are a much healthier fat than saturated fat, especially if those saturated fats come from animal products.  Read up on ‘good’ fats and the nutritional benefits of nuts online.  

Our products also contain some plant-based saturated fats, of which coconut oil is a contender. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, meaning that it raises bad LDL cholesterol levels in much the same way as other saturated fats, yet it is unique in that it also gives ‘good’ HDL cholesterol a boost. There is evidence that for this reason it is less likely to cause chronic heart disease, making it a healthier option than other saturated fats - but like many things, should still be eaten in moderation.

Why does Lauds use plastic tubs/containers instead of glass?

We sell our Cultured Oat Butter and Almond Persian Feta in reusable plastic tubs for a few reasons.  We did a lot of research - most of the glass jars and lids available for purchase in Australia are out of China.  That's a long way to bring glass which doesn't stack, making it heavy and bulky cargo, and therefore having a large carbon impact.  It takes an awful lot of energy to produce, it costs more (for us, and therefore for you as a consumer), it uses a lot of resources including those to make the metal lid. and we also found out that different types of glass can't be recycled together, sometimes resulting in it not being recycled at all.  We chose to use plastic tubs and lids out of New Zealand as we think they are lighter, can stack together, are transported less distance, can be reused in the home and can be easily recycled with all sorts of other plastic. 


We don't claim to know all, and are open to using glass if we find it to be a more sustainable option. If you have info that we don't please let us know, it's difficult to know which way to go! 

Who took those gorgeous images of Lauds Products?

That would be the amazing PHOCUS PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPY.  Peter Horsman is a photographer based in Hobart specialising in Tasmanian products for print catalogue, editorial, advertising, website or social media.

Find Peter at https://phocus.com.au/