Lauds Plant Based Foods is a Tasmanian based creator of a range of dairy and cheese alternatives made from plants - predominantly nuts and oats. Our range is crafted with everyday eating habits in mind, helping people to ‘feed their kindness’, relating either to themselves, their community or their planet through creating products that are delicious, nutritious, socially and environmentally sustainable and cruelty free.


Lauds operates with a strong social conscience. The founders are motivated by a love of food, a love of the planet, the ethical treatment of animals and the growth of sustainable food production processes. Our product range is directly related to our mission of flipping the animal/plant product consumption levels, driving us to create a range of products that satisfy people’s everyday eating requirements. Our products enable people to change without changing the foods they have always loved, regardless of the reason they needed to make that change.


Our products, wherever possible, are made from local and organic ingredients. We use as much Tasmanian produce as we can get our hands on. At this stage this means that we use Tasmanian Organic Oats, Tasmanian Walnuts, Tasmanian Sea Salt and Tasmanian native pepperberries. Our Refined Coconut Oil is also organic, and our soy lecithin is non-gmo. Lauds products are a nutritious and healthy alternative to dairy products. We have undertaken extensive research into the ingredients that we use, to be sure that we are indeed producing a food product that is good for the health of most individuals (sans allergies).


We lend from the traditional cheesemaking process in our creations. This includes the introduction of cultures, fermentation and maturation. We have a keen interest in fermentation and the flavour profile this gives our products, along with the beneficial health outcomes of these foods to gut biota.


With all of our products, we aim to work on the tenants of affordability, quality and usability. This is central to our ethos as business owners, food producers and food consumers.

We have tried to create 

...just a little bit different.

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