Our Product Range

All Lauds Products are Dairy Free, 100% Plant Based, Lactose Free.

No artificial colours or flavours.

Proudly made in Tasmania.

Aged Cashew Cheese 


115g round


Lauds Aged Cashew Cheese is a semi-hard cheese which has sharp cheddar overtones. It is aged for two months, during which the cheese develops its rich, complex flavours and firm, creamy texture.  Read more.....

Original Oat Melt

400g block


Lauds Original Oat Melt is a versatile cheese which melts, bubbles and browns just like regular cheddar. It is mild in flavour, has no artificial flavour profile and can be used a substitute cheese for any dish which calls for melty indulgence.  Read more......

Almond Greek Feta

200g block


Lauds Almond Greek Feta is semi-hard, white and crumbly.  It is salty and tangy to taste, and has been cultured to ensure a flavour and texture which pleases and stimulates the palate.  Read more......

Almond Persian Feta

300g tub


Lauds Almond Persian Feta is soft, white and creamy.  This feta has a strong cultured flavour (think goats cheese) and is marinated in a herb infused oil to produce a delicately balanced and velvety end product. Read more....

Cultured Oat Butter

280g tub

Lauds Cultured Oat Butter is smooth, creamy and delicious. It has a soft cultured flavour and melts and coats the mouth in a way that is indistinguishable from traditional butter. Read more... 

Pepperberry Smoked Oat Cheese

180g wedge

Lauds Smoked Oat Cheese is a low-fat semi-hard cheese which is matured then delicately smoked with Tasmanian pepperberry woodchips. This cheese tricks the brain with it's smoky flavour and gives body and depth to any meal. Read more... 


Ashed Walnut Cheese

115g round

Lauds Ashed Walnut Cheese is truly one of a kind!  Coated in activated charcoal, it is sharp and complex to start, finishing with an earthy walnut-driven flavour some say is reminiscent of cheese mold. This cheese is best shared on a platter with your favourite crackers, dips, pickles and ferments. Read more....

Chilli Garlic Ferment

190g jar

Lauds Chilli Garlic is a fermented chilli paste reminiscent of traditional Chinese chilli pastes.  It is deliciously complex in flavour, has the heat of a sambal and contains no msg. Read more... 

...just a little bit different.

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